2021 Car

The team embarked on a path of optimization culminating in the second electric single-seater PSR02 that brought the best results in the history of the UniPr Racing Team. After the sixteenth place at the FS East 2021 event at Hungaroring, prestigious home of the Hungarian Formula 1 GP, on 13 October 2021 the Team has achieved a brilliant fifth place in the overall ranking during the Italian event FSAE Italy in Varano Melegari, beating the feared foreign competition and imposing itself as the second team in Italy.

Data sheet:
Wheelbase: 1535mm
Wheel track: 1270mm
Battery 6.2 KWh and 600V, two electric engines with a peak power of 52KW and peak torque of 90 Nm
Double wishbone with pushrod and antiroll system
planetary gearbox with a reduction ratio of 1:5.6.