2023 CAR

The PSR23, the fourth electric single-seater built by the UniPr Racing Team, has undergone a major overhaul from the previous PSR02-s in order to optimize its weight, aerodynamic load and improve its reliability. For the 2023 season, the tractive system has taken a step forward through the design and implementation of the new battery and the lightening of the two planetary gearboxes coupled to the Emrax 188 rear motors. Consistent with the design goal, all wiring was also redesigned and improved. The chassis of the PSR23 is a carbon fiber monocoque that has very high stiffness and lightweight characteristics compared to a traditional steel tube one. This car sees the remarkable use of performance materials and light alloys in order to reduce weight without sacrificing performance. Aerodynamically, one of the most important elements for a racing car has been redesigned. The new bottom, which takes advantage of the ground effect, made it possible to gain lift and improve the car’s efficiency. The PSR23 participated in the home competition, FSAEItaly2023, where it managed to complete the endurance.

L: 2284

W: 1504

H: 1172
588V battery; two electric motors with 60KW peak power and 100Nm peak torque
Carbon fiber monocoque
Double wishbone with pushrod and anti-roll bar
Planetary gearbox with 1:5.6 reduction ratio.