2009 Car


In the 2009/2010 edition of Formula Student Italy, held at the autodrome Riccardo Paletti a Varano de Menegari (PR), the PR43100 Team took participated with the single-seater PR02B, updated version of the previous year’s car.

The main features of PR02B car are as follows: the pitch is 1600 mm, the wheel track, equal to  the front as at the rear, corresponds to 1210 mm. The weight of the car is 230kg. The chassis is the same as the PR02 model, i.e. made in carbon fiber and aluminium Honeycomb through a innovative production process to reduce the costs. The suspensions are pushrod actuated double wishbone as in the PR02 model. The engine is a Suzuki GSX-R 1997 with a volume of 600 cc, limited in aspiration by regulation. Regarding the transmission is a chain, with Torsen differential and composite axle shaft and  joints.

Data sheet PR03:
Wheelbase: 1600mm.
Wheel track: 1200mm.
Weight: 230Kg.
Suzuki GSX-R (4 stroke).
Engine size: 600cc (limited in aspiration by regulation).
Power: 90cv at 12400 rpm.
In carbon fibre and aluminium Honeycomb, realized through  an innovative production process to reduce the costs.
Pushrod actuated double wishbone suspension.
Chain, differential lsd Torsen, composite axle shaft and  joints.