2010 Car

The PR03 car was born at national level as avant garde project. This was confirmed by first place obtained from this project in the Class3 Engineering Design Event in the 2010 edition of Formula SAE Italy at Varano de Melegari (PR). the reasons for the development of this new model based on two main pleas: on the one hand the PR43100 Team wanted to take on a new challenge, on the other, modifications have been made to Formula SAE regulation as far as the space for the pilot’s legs was concerned.

Since that it was necessary to develop from scratch a new single-seater order to adapt to regulation, it was decided to rebuild the project. The main novelty of PR03 car, which makes it a project very innovative under the Formula Student, is the newly concepted carbon fiber tubular chassis, which guarantees optimal performance,  but allows at the same time to save than a traditional chassis.