2012 Car

In the 2012 edition of Formula Student Italy, held at the autodrome Riccardo Paletti of Varano de Melegari (PR) from 14 to 17 September, the UniPR Racing Team shows up with a considerably improved car than last year’s car, from which resumes the constructive philosophy that characterizes it.

The main purpose is to maintain the weight of car the lowest possible, with a  low centre of gravity and a compact and powerful engine, all this to ensure good performance overall in tortuous circuits that characterise these competitions. In particular, respect than 2011  car, the chassis was revised with a new lamination of carbon tubes able to reduce the costs and the time of manufacture and also the engine has undergone a number of changes that have increased considerably the performance.

During the italian event, the team was able to successfully overcome the static and dynamic tests, but unfortunately a unexpected yielding to a suspension did not allow to complete the last endurance test that would guarantee to return of the team into the top 10 among the 50 joined.

The car will then be refined and improved for the next season with the goal to be competitive as much as possible with the intention to participating for the first time to some foreign events.

Data sheet:
Wheelbase: 1540mm.
Wheel track: 1200mm.
Weight: 178Kg.
Beta 520RR single-cylinder (4 stroke) turned into electronic injection.
Engine size: 498cc (with restriction of regulation).
Max power: 43cv (with a new system of aspiration and exhaust).
Framework of tubes chassis made of carbon fibre with a new lamination designed to reduce time and costs.
Double A-arms in steel with push-rod.
Chain, differential lsd Torsen, steel axle shaft and  joints.