2013 Car

In 2013 the UniPR Racing Team has faced his first transfer abroad, participating at the most prestigious international landmark of Formula SAE: the Formula Student, which was held from 3 to 7 July at the Silverstone circuit in England.

The UniPR Racing Team showed up with a competitive and innovative car, the result of the continuation of studies and the philosophy that characterized the cars of previous years, in specific improving its principal quality maintaining a low weight, a great driving dynamics and an engine always ready to each speed.

All this has been possible while maintaining the winning idea of using an innovative framework of tubes chassis made of carbon fibre stock on aluminium joints made from the full, unique in the world, which maintains an excellent weight / stiffness ratio containing far outweigh the costs than a monocoque.

The engine, improved in reliability and performance, remains the Beta 520RR on which the team have done studies for years reaching to high-level configuration. The transmission has also been equipped with a new electro-pneumatic gearbox that allows the pilot to change gear in a short time using the appropriate buttons places behind the steering wheel, without the help of the clutch.

Data sheet:
Wheelbase: 1540mm.
Wheel track: 1200mm.
Weight: 183Kg.
Beta 520RR single-cylinder (4 stroke) turned into electronic injection. Engine size: 498cc (with restriction of regulation). A lot of interventions and improvements,  including airbox and exhaust studied and designed through advanced modeling software.
Framework of tubes chassis made of carbon fibre stock on aluminium joints made from the full.
Double A-arms in steel with push-rod.
Chain, differential lsd Torsen, steel axle shaft and  joints, electro-pneumatic gearbox.