La squadra è già al lavoro per la prossima stagione e ha bisogno di nuove forze fresche! Sei appassionato di Motorsport? Vuoi metterti alla..

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Italian version below Sometimes things do not go as we would like, but we must never lose heart and we must keep going with a more determined..

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✅Business Plan Presentation done. We presented today our business plan #nevergiveup

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Oggi per il team doveva essere una bella giornata, invece un problema tecnico non ci ha permesso di portare la macchina a Varano. Continueremo..

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✅Today we start #formulastudentitaly2019 Team has arrived at @autodromovarano This is our programme for the competition Stay tuned here on..

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What is the Formula SAE?

The Formula SAE, which in Italy is organized by the ATA (Auto Technical Association), is an event that has the intent to train and make knowledge to insiders technicians of tomorrow.
Students of engineering faculty from all over the world compete in the conception, design and construction of small single seater racing with motorcycle-derived engine. The SAE Regulation of the competition has been written with the specific intent to vacate the imagination of students in order to contribute to the development of new production and design techniques: the technical choices are left quite free, with the exception of the security parameters and the costs, that must be kept as low as possible. Throughout the year there are many events around the world: two dates in the US, one in Australia, one in UK, one in Germany, one in Brazil and the Italian date which is held every year at the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in Varano de’Melegari (PR).

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Classes of Participation

It’s possible to enter in the competition in three distinct classes, each with its own separate ranking.

  • Class 1: presentation of the project, participation in static and dynamic races with the car.

  • Class 2: presentation of the project and participation in static races with the car.

  • Class 3: Presentation of the project only.

Each competition is divided in three phases:
Technical inspection: in these races the cars remain stationary and evaluated according to the security parameters such as the pilot’s exit time from the driver’s or the maximum angle of inclination reached before tipping.

Static events: Design presentation is a technical discussion, in which the team illustrate the design and manufacturing choices with the judges. In the cost report presentation it’s discussed the document that contains the cost of every part of the car. In the business plan event There is an economic discussion in which the team must convince the hypothetical investors to focus on the project for a small-series production.

Dynamic races: involve the construction and the car’s physical presence in the circuit. The cars are evaluated in acceleration tests, braking, skid pad, speed over a single lap and the most important, the endurance race, where the cars compete on the circuit, with scores based on their reliability combined with the speed and fuel consumption. All the circuits are developed in the hosting racetrack with cones, that make them tortuous, with an average speed of about 50km/h.


Formula SAE Official Site

ATA – Associazione Tecnica dell’Automobile