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What does it mean to be in the team?

Be into the team means being part of ambitious project, which they are involved besides students, many teachers of the engineering college, company of the branch and experts in automotive; this involve assume by members many responsibility including among which the obligation of complete a term of tasks assigned to them. However to be part of UNIPR Racing TEAM also it means take part in a unique experience that will allow you to live unforgettable moments and to know unique people that hardly would had the opportunity to frequent.

What requirements are needed?

The essential characteristics for an aspiring member of the team are the passion for the motorsports in general, the spirit of initiative, and very important, the willingness to take a serious commitment and to bring it to term at full stretch even to the detriment of university course that it is possible must be a little put a part in the periods of maximum effort. Specific engineering knowledge are not necessary instead in the automotive. The notions learned in the first two years of universities are sufficient to start the activity of the formula SAE. We’re not just looking for mechanical engineers but also management and electronic.

Academic advantages:

In the context of the formula SAE is possible to insert university thesis projects, laboratories and internships, always still to be agreed with teachers wich take part in the activities.


It is possible to contact us by writing in the contact us section of the website. To send the application, send the form below.

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