Join the team

What does it mean to be part of the Team?

Being in the Team means to be part of an ambitious project, in which they are involved in addition to students, many teachers from the Faculty of Engineering, companies and experts in the field of motoring, this involves the assumption by the members of many responsibilities including the obligation to complete the tasks that are assigned to them. But being part of the UNIPR Racing TEAM also means participating in a unique experience that will allow you to live unforgettable moments and meet unique people that you would hardly have had the opportunity to meet.

Participate in the formula SAE also helps to be known and appreciated by companies in the “Automotive” often more interested in hiring staff who have already made their bones in these events that require students to deal with the problems typical of the work environment.

What are the necessary requirements?

The main characteristics for an applicant team member are the passion for motorsport in general, the spirit of initiative, and very important, the willingness to take a serious commitment and carry it out to the maximum of their ability even to the detriment of the university course that may have to be a bit put aside during the periods of maximum commitment. Specific engineering knowledge in the automotive field is not necessary. The notions acquired in the first two years of university are sufficient to start the formula SAE activity.

Academics benefits:

Within the SAE formula it is possible to include university thesis projects, laboratories and internships, always to be agreed with the professors who participate in the activities.