The University of Parma is one of the oldest universities in the world.

VisLab focuses on all aspects of ADAS and autonomous driving, from the fundamentals of environmental perception to product and implementation, including machine learning. In 2015 VisLab was acquired by Ambarella, a Silicon Valley-based company.

ZEC S.P.A is a manufacturer of low, medium and high-pressure thermoplastic pipes for transporting fluids for every industrial sector.

Zatti Group is one of the top 50 players in automotive marketing nationwide.

YCOM is a leading advanced technology company committed to designing a rapidly evolving future. From original idea to final product, YCOM covers every aspect of development, including design, manufacturing, and testing, for mobility applications.


Bercella is an Italian company that leads design, planning and engineering solutions in advanced composite materials and light alloys.

Comer Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced engineering systems and mechatronic solutions for power transmission.

Edrivelab is a spin-off company of the University of Parma working in the field of electric mobility.

A company specializing in the design and manufacture of laser and waterjet (waterjet cutting) components.

The best school in Europe for racing mechanics and engineers: Motorsport Technical School, the brainchild of Eugenia Capanna, driver and Team Manager in Motorsport.


3D PR has experience in implementing automated systems and implementing low-cost technologies.

A leader in computational science and AI, providing software and cloud solutions for simulation, HPC (High-Performance Computing), and data analysis.

The Varano racetrack hosts way and car competitions, prestige events, free trials for street cars and motorcycles, test drives and new vehicle introductions.

A world leader in the design, development and production of braking systems.

Chiaravalli Group is structured into four business divisions covering Industrial, OEM, Food and Motorcycle, is unique synthesis of passion, expertise and tradition.

Commercial Fond conducts metal trading primarily aimed at the industrial sector, with the goal of meeting the increasingly specific needs of metal users.

Facility, which contracts in-house a team of qualified professionals who are committed to ensuring creative and effective service for each client.

E-Fem SRL is an engineering company specializing in the provision of CAE design services in structural (FEM).

Effe Due, has been in the precision engineering industry for 30 years, thanks to continuous technological renewal. Quality, professionalism and flexibility for a continuously developing structure.

They design and build safety guards for automatic machines, providing customized solutions for all kinds of needs.

The company provides advanced CAN solutions to engineers who design and implement systems.

A mold-making company that can provide customized solutions for different needs and ensure a high level of model accuracy.

Works in the field of precision machining of small and medium-sized parts by chip removal.

Information technology company with significant experience in the engineering industry.

A leader in embedded navigation solutions, providing system integrators in the military, aerospace, and robotics sectors with high-performance swap-c optimized navigation systems.

A provider of disruptive solutions for zero-prototype vehicle development, its solutions include real-time simulation software, driving simulators, and in-the-loop hardware solutions that accelerate development in the transportation industry.


Company providing innovative online sales service for bearings, seals, anti-vibration mounts, balls and industrial equipment.

A reality that deals with technology insertion of additive systems and additive applications in racing environments.

A company specializing in the production of electrical cables.

Ansys INC is a company that develops and markets engineering simulation software.

Engineering company that acts as a qualified partner for companies, anticipating their needs and providing a wide range of technical services.

Beta Cae Systems is an engineering software company committed to offering best-in-class simulation solutions that meet the requirements of all Cae disciplines in contemporary industry.

Calspan supports initiatives that promote innovation and collaborates with global innovators in many fields, including automotive and motorsports.

A company that pays attention to technological innovations, constantly investing in innovations, and is involved in milling.

Firm specializing in manufacturing equipment for advanced composites.

Founded with the intention of becoming the point of reference for two-wheel enthusiasts and professionals, this company has grown to lead to collaborations with world-class riders and teams and the winning of several titles in the two-wheel world.

We operate in the field of precision mechanics with expertise and professionalism, making small, medium-sized mechanical parts from bars, castings and stampings in a wide variety of materials.

Firmakes Titanium Co. is a high-tech enterprise integrating development, processing, production and sales of rare metal products.

Specialized mechanical engineering company experienced in turning, milling, carpentry and design, constantly evolving.

Water cutting and carbon and metal processing company.

Hexagon is a global leader in digital reality solutions built through a combination of sensors, software and autonomous technologies.

Loctite is a brand of adhesives and sealants owned by Henkel.

Company specializing in cold rolling of iron and steel profiles for all applications, special profiles on request, and tube bending for all applications.

MeBer commits great energies to research and development activities aimed at producing technologically advanced devices certified according to the latest European standards (UNI EN 1865 – UNI EN 1789).

Mochem industries deals with anodizing treatments, specializing as the first company in Emilia Romagna in hard anodizing for third parties.

Company with years of experience in producing highly customized components for sports and racing cars.

A leading company in the design and supply of water disinfection equipment with UV-C systems.

Parma-based company engaged in metal turning and milling.

Mechanical carpentry business and construction of agricultural machinery, especially irrigation pumps and motor pumps, always at the forefront of the market through constant innovation of its products.

SmartCAE is the CAE technology provider of leading companies in major industries.

Solidworks is a three-dimensional, parametric drawing and design software produced and marketed by Dassault Systèmes.

Global semiconductor company serving customers with innovations that positively impact people’s lives.

Company that develops innovative solutions for the wiring of electrical panels and industrial fastening systems.

Precision mechanical shop that builds mechanical parts for third parties.

Reality with technological footprint with future-oriented outlook. Realizations ranging from sports to leisure, even reaching the creation of industrial prototypes.