2017 Car

For the Unipr Racing Team 2017 has been a very important and exciting year. For the first time since its foundation, it was able to take part in two races in the same season: Formula SAE Italy, on the circuit of Varano de ‘Melegari, and Formula Student Czech Republic, on the Most racecourse. With great satisfaction from the team at both races, significant achievements have been achieved that allowed the team to reach the top 100 in the world rankings.
The car they ran with was CSR02, a direct evolution of csr01 evo. The big newness on this car was the complete aerodynamic package: all the bodywork has been subjected to an analyzed study to achieve a perfect balance between forward and downforce resistance generated by wing profiles and car bottom. All other areas have also been at the center of a mass-reduction study without compromising reliability.

Data sheet:
Wheelbase: 2100mm Wheel track: 1500mm Weight: 220Kg.
Beta 520RR single-cylinder (4 stroke) turned into electronic injection. Engine size: 498cc (with restriction of regulation). Power: 50cv with aspiration.
Framework of steel tubes.
Double A-arms in steel with push-rod.
Chain, differential lsd Torsen, steel axle shaft and joints.